This isn’t your older brother’s Stargate.

And for people who have been loyal to Stargate and Sci-Fi Channel and now SyFy, this isn’t our Stargate either.

What’s left is for us to decide if that’s a bad thing or not.

Through the first four episodes? Yeah. It’s a bad thing.

Now we get to the fifth episode of the series. Once again, the crew is facing imminent demise.

Here’s my little SGU drinking game:

1 Drink: Every time you see a six pack.
2 Drinks: Every time one of the crew members punch or knock another one out
3 Drinks: Every time the senator’s daughter seduces someone
4 Drinks: Sex scene
5 Drinks: Every time the crew escapes
Finish your drink: When a plot emerges.

Only 15 people will fit aboard a shuttle that can leave the “Destiny” for another planet. The melodrama unfolds but becomes difficult — actually impossible — to believe when half of the main cast of the show is not picked in a lottery to decide those 15 shuttle-mates.

Oh my god, MacGyver, how can you possibly get out of this one??

Of course, they do. Everyone lives to die another day.

The ship was on a collision course with a sun. What happens? Instead of crashing into the sun and dying, the ship’s tiny remaining shield power protects it while the ship flies directly into the sun, which recharges the ship’s power. All is well.


This whole experience — after more than a month of episodes — unites this crew of misfits. Now they’re all friends. Or are they? Another cliff hanger at the end of Episode 5: “Light.”

This month has taught us definitively that “Stargate Universe” is absolutely not “Stargate SG-1.” In the second episode of SG-1, the crew was already out visiting new planets and encountering new civilizations. SG-1 and Atlantis were shows about societies and groups of people. Universe is a show about a few people. The main problem so far is that I don’t give a damn about these people. There’s no depth to them, except maybe Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) who is easy to single out as the bad guy or just a pure Machiavellian.

But there’s too much build up and anticipation and not enough performance. Every episode of “Stargate Universe” is prom night with chevrons.

Thinking outside the box here, maybe they should have brought back Ben Browder for this one? Or Joe Flanigan? There’s a lot of inexperience on this show. It’s already written like The CW’s version of Stargate

I’m not saying that we need a new episodic adventure every week. SGU is obviously tied into this main story for survival far from Earth. I get it. All I’m saying is we don’t need an hour to realize that the crew isn’t going to die for the fifth time. Let’s explore a bit. Let’s have some adventures.

The show has two elements that can be used to make a few interspersed episodic adventures work: When the ship stops in a solar system, there’s a ticking clock until it will jump back into “faster than light speed.” The crew can disembark on an adventure. You can leave the ticking clock at the bottom of the screen and let then get into all sorts of mischief, trying to make sure they can get back in time.

You also have a love triangle emerging with Chloe (Elyse Levesque) and the muscular hero Matthew Scott and the lovable nerdy genius Eli. The Stargate overlords skirted (totally ignored) the love triangle in “Stargate Atlantis,” but now you can use it. There are more ways to make drama than “death at every possible turn.”

The show is still getting better ratings than “Dollhouse” though.

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  1. KevinT

    I think you are letting the previous incantations of Stargate skew your evaluation. The entire premise of this show is extremely interesting and I find it edgier and more dramatic than any previous SG show or movie. Don’t be a hater.

    • emanon

      It’s not about hate. Where’s the science in this scifi? Where’s the adventure? The action? Here’s what we have seen…

      Dark and gritty? Seen it already in BSG.
      Repetitive character flashbacks> Seen it already in LOST
      Useless angst and drama? Haven’t seen it because I don’t watch that crap.
      Gratuitous sex scenes? If I wanted to see that, I’d watch porn.

      Nothing new here, just a bunch of recycled junk from other shows.

    • Blast Magazine Newsroom

      Of course I am, Kevin. The previous incarnations (i think that’s the word you’re looking for) are what made Stargate what it is. It’s not like Star Wars where there was the original trilogy then a thousand books, comics, cartoons, fan fiction, and 30 years of separation.

      SG-1 ended in 2007. Atlantis in 2009. SGU started in 2009. It’s Stargate, Stargate, Stargate. Only it’s not, this time.

  2. Curtis

    I will always love Stargate, and am happy that its new incarnation mixes it up. I have been able to suspend disbelief that everyone is going to die long enough to get caught up in the suspense of the stories so far. It is a nice twist that in this universe they don’t always have the magic technological solution all figured out, like the earlier episodes of SG-1 where they never could get their hands on it.
    I hope this show keeps going, although I am getting a déjà vu feeling because of Star Trek Enterprise…

  3. Chris

    Episode 6: Boredom

    The crew of the Destiney find themselves dying of boredom, a fate shared with the audience over the last five episodes.

    • Preppy (formerly Todd-m)


      Sad but true!!

      That is why I will most likely watch the show every other week in 2 hour episodes.

  4. Woof

    I love the Stargate shows, but not this one. Like you said, every episode they’re all going to DIE HORRIBLY but there’s not enough real suspense to make you care for the characters.

    Don’t fault the actors, but what can you expect with the same writers who have spent 15 years writing the same show?

    Sadly, a lot of Stargate fans are thinking the same thing.

  5. red

    Gotta love fandoms…
    You’re bitching that it’s not like SG-1 and SGA, yet complain that it follows in those shows’ footsteps in terms of predictability and by-the-numbers, generic methods of creating tension?
    Even knowing the outcome of this episode, they still managed to create more tension and drama than they ever did in SGA.

    • Manuel

      Haha, no. They didn’t create more, they created a thin representation of it.

      It’s like they so wished to distanced themselves, they literally had to leave the galactic local group. (reminds me of the kid in high school of traveled after graduation, only to find himself, in the very same mentality that he was trying to escape from)

  6. Padlock

    Ugh. Definitely has a BSG feel to it which is about the only thing going for it. Whiny insubordinate soldiers who are supposed to be the best of the best; great. Love triangle, awesome. It’s almost as if the writers decided to steal the concept from the movie “Lucas.” So now you can watch every episode hating Chloe and feeling bad for Eli; not really caring what happens next. The actors are great, Robert Carlyle is always brilliant, the writing however leaves much to be desired.

  7. Adam Prater

    After 5 episodes I’ve discovered the slogan for this show.


    Looks like Galactica, tastes like Voyager!

  8. Chuck

    As someone that has watched all the Stargate movies, all 10 seasons of SG-1 and all 5 seasons of Atlantis I have to say that I am finding this to be a breath of fresh air for the series and greater lore and ideas in the Stargate Universe.

    I was so tired of the whole, go through a gate, run into a problem, solve problem, rinse and repeat storyline of the previous SG franchises. My biggest issue with the Atlantis series is that it followed too closely in the path of SG-1 and didn’t explore and investigate enough of the city and technology left behind in Atlantis.

    I am so glad that this series is taking a new direction and so far I have found it very enjoyable and can’t wait to see what direction they take with the show but I think it has great potential from what I’ve seen.

    • Linda

      Yeah, Chuck! I totally agreed with you. This is a new, different show and I am ready for it and enjoying it. I hope it stays on for a long run.

    • Manuel

      The problem is they aren’t doing any investigation and research on the tech, culture, or even history of the Ancients. It’s because it hasn’t been thought through fully, yet. At least, the lack of ancient talk seems like that way.

  9. Nate

    There isn’t any depth to these characters? But you imply there was so much depth for the characters of the previous Stargate series? LOL! Laughable. SG1 was light weight entertainment. Done well, but still light weight. To suggest that those guys had depth is absurd. They were caricatures, stereotypes, archetypes, etc (sure SFU is guilty of some of that but at least you get to know what made the characters wat they are). SG1’s characters had a good chemistry going on. But there was never anything remotely deep about them. I think in this golden age of dramatic TV of the 90s and 00s on cable we the audience have been given numerous shows in which TPTBs were fearless in exploring their characters. And I can say for certain that as “fun” as SG1 was it was never one of those types of shows. And the less said about SGA the better.

    Geez I haven’t come across this much whining from sci fi fans since Trekkies got ticked off at Sisko for displaying an attitude towards Picard in the premier episode of DS9. And of course back then many of the Trekkies were blasting DS9 because they wanted teir Trek shows to be simple, conflict free and very accessible. Oh, and they wanted space travelling, planet hopping and cool gadgets displaying every episode too. Anything that explored character was written off as soap operatic. But getting back to Stargate the truth is that the first two series were so mild and safe and family friendly that they could be played during a Saturday morning lineup for kids. If that’s the type of sci fi you enjoy then so be it. If you want shows in which the characters are all so cuddly and sweet and oh so likable then I can understand why you would not like the tone of SFU. But sorry if I don’t buy into the notion that the characters of the other Stargate shows were anything more than paper thin in terms of depth. Just because you like a character more doesn’t mean that character is three dimensional. The SFU characters have flaws and conflicts and secrets and as an adult that’s how I prefer my science fiction television.

    • Linda

      I am enjoying these new characters and look forward to learning more about them. I often felt we didn’t know enough about the team members of SG1 and SGA. Robert Carlyle is one of THE BEST at developing characters you can’t quite figure out and I’m sure his influence on the rest of the cast will nudge the performance of some of the less experienced cast members. I did feel there were slow spots in the first couple episodes but I didn’t feel that at all in the last couple. I have high hopes for this series.

    • Manuel

      They where very deep from the get go. They seemed to react to situations with a personal history. (for SG-1 and somewhat for SG-A)

      SGU characters seem to not respond to emotion, but in a forced effort to lead the story in a certain direction. (me and my gang of SG fans were wondering ‘wtf’ by the end of the first episode, and where ALREADY making up our own dialogue by the 4th episode)

  10. Woof

    Most of us DO like flaws and conflicts in our entertainment – geez, even sitcoms have that – but it would be nice if it wasn’t done in such a predictable, boring and dreary manner….

  11. Billy Holland

    I’m looking forward to see how this show continues and I know if it does continue as it has, we will get to know the characters better, but we will still have our suspicions about their true natures. Lasting relationships take time to build and to expect them to just run in and know the technology and everything to be nearly perfect by the end of two or even ten episodes is crazy. These people are not the ancients, they did not build this technology or know how it really works. They are locked out of the systems for the most part, and without power they were asked not to explore too much and turn anything on because it kept draining the ship.

    This is a realistic series of science fiction, where we aren’t automatically able to figure out everything and I’m sorry if that is not what you wanted to find here, but I enjoy that they have to struggle and fight their way through these things and can’t just walk in and save the day.

    I really like this show and if you want episodic, science fiction where we can do anything within a one hour program and everyone pretty much likes each other, and each week is either diplomacy trust lessons or watching superior aliens reduced to something we can kill with our limited technology and stuff we found laying around the city, then feel free to buy the stargate atlantis box sets. I like this style of science fiction and enjoy the other kinds as well, and am just sorry if you don’t agree, but instead of trying to fight to change this series, why not fight to get more series of science fiction on the air that you enjoy, so that we all can have something we enjoy watching, rather than fighting to change something others want to watch.

  12. Tim

    I loved how everyone was “saved” because the ship was controlling their path. The crew of destiny knows that the ship is controlling their fate and they may become less afraid because of it. Also, episode 5 “Light” was very entertaining because no one was ever in danger from staying on the ship, it was an insight of the crew and their actions when they were left with deciding who lives and dies.

    On the subject of comparing Stargate series, SGU is my favorite so far. SGA and SG-1 were great for giving something good to watch on TV. SGU on the other hand makes me give up Friday nights to watch it. I really wish the SG-1 fans and SGA fans were not bias and would have an open mind for this show.

    • Draco

      I’m not bias, I’ve watched everthing Stargate so far. I’m sorry, this one has not “held my attention” and I’ve actually been bored with most of it.

      I fast forward thru the unnecessary sex scenes and basically don’t care about any of the characters..don’t care who lives or who dies.

      • Manuel

        We hope they all die, and Jack O’niell wakes up from a bad dream, and the alarm is going off for a ‘Unauthorized Incoming Wormhole.’!!!

  13. Al

    I have been a gate fan since day 1 with the movie, have seen all the episodes of SG1 and Atlantis, & SGU.

    I think that the gate franchise has hit the same wall that Trek hit, TPTB with Trek blamed the fans with franchise fatiuge, when in reality it was writer/producer fatigue, CBS would not man up and admit it to the public, but it was clear to the fans, that we were getting very poor scifi.

    And now it has happened with SGU the fans are being fed poor scifi, so they are leaveing, I hope MGM can see that it is writer/producer fatigue, which is strange as Atlantis was doing well inspite of the cast changes, but there were some signs there too.

    With Trek it was season 4 of Enterprise when the life came back,due to Mannt Cotos helmimng season 4, but it was too late, the fans had left and UPN was trying a last ditch effort to stay alive by changing format, to appeal to a different audiance.

    JJs Trek movie further proved that writer fatiuge was treks problem, as he did breath freash air into his Trek Movie, I LOVED it Trek Is back!

    Now I hope MGM can do the same for gate, get some new Writers and Diretors, who can bring the magic back to the franchise! I think SGU should be scraped, and bring back SG1, Atlantis, or a new Gate that takes up where these 2 good gates left off, there is a huge Asgard Knowledge that needs explored, even Atlantis has the knowledge in the city to build ZPMs, and give the city full power, then the city can explore Galaxy By Galaxy!

    Come on MGM ax SGU and bring the magic of the gate franchise back!

  14. Florence

    I’m baffled as to why sex scenes are a bad thing. I am also baffled as to why the audience can’t root for people, just because they have flaws. In real life, are your friends perfect or something? Don’t you like them even though they do have faults? We see a number of heroic actions in the show, too, and Young is amazingly unselfish, though he has to be reminded of his duty by Wray. Matt was willing to sacrifice his own life for the rest of them. The Senator gave his own life to buy people more time. How are these not people one can applaud?
    I absolutely love the fact that drama and tension are provided as much by character conflict as by people visiting the planet of the week; and that our understanding of the characters is growing week by week. Plus the visual effects are absolutely gorgeous, and provide the climax to the adventures.
    This is Stargate for a different audience. I am a great SGA fan, especially of the team, but that hasn’t prevented me from enjoying the new show, much as I thought I would have problems with it.
    As for Rush being the bad guy – surely, it’s not as simple as that. He is truly hurt by what people think of him; I can’t see any bad guy giving too hoots if others don’t like him. He is a tragic character and may well have his own agenda, but Carlyle is a gifted actor and he’s making me feel for him even as I disapprove of things he did.
    We saw the dark side of John Sheppard from time to time, and how brilliant were those moments? I hope they continue to make these characters equivocal and increase the tension as much as it’s possible to do so in a show you know will continue. Oh, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with knowing what will happen – watch any well-known story and you know what is going to happen, but it doesn’t spoil one’s enjoyment of the journey.

    • Draco

      If I wanted to watch sex scenes I’d be watching Greys Anatomy or Soaps etc. which I don’t.

      Not in the Stargate world….NOT necessary. The door know what happens next. Don’t need to see it on screen.

  15. Psy

    I find the title “Stargate Universe” misleading, I’m an action adventure fan and this show isn’t about the Universe or exploring it. I’d like to propose a few title changes.

    Stargate The Soap Opera

    Stargate Drama Queens

    Stargate Cry Babies

    Dysfunctional Universe

      • Koala

        Yeah, my friends and I call it Stargate 90210. I can’t believe that after waiting all these months THIS is what we get.

      • Psy

        As the Stargate turns

        Stargate Psychosis

        Stargate the Love Story

        The Universe of Childish Petty Bickering

  16. Preppy (formerly Todd-m)

    “The Goldilocks Zone” is the perfect description for SGU.

    Dr. Rush made the comment “The Goldilocks Zone” in the show describing the potential that one of the planets could sustain human life. The zone is not too hot and not too cold; therefore the planet could most likely sustain human life for the supposed lucky 17 survivors.

    “The Goldilocks Zone” also describes the Stargate series [Stargate Universe (SGU)]. It is not too brilliant and not too dumb; therefore, the show could most likely be sustainable, be profitable, or not be cancelled for some time.

    Unfortunately, I think I have to change my opinion. I have to painfully agree with a lot of the early negative comments that I disagreed with. For long term Stargate fans (such as myself), the show has been clearly dumbed down. I assume the show has been dumbed down to get a larger audience.

    Two hours of SGU is about equal to one hour of any of the old Stargate series (Stargate SG-1 or Stargate Atlantis). The show does have some interesting points (mostly at the end), but watching one hour of the show is extremely painful, slow, boring, and unsatisfying.

    While watching SGU, I find my self doing other things. Two hours of the show leaves me satisfied. For example, was it really a surprise the ship used the sun, the gas giant, or both in combination as a fuel source? It was more than obvious in the last Friday’s (November 16) show. Yes, the screen shots of the sun where amazing and the mechanical process was good. But the old Stargate series (especially Stargate Atlantis) could have easily combined Darkness and Light into one show lasting about an hour.

    It looks like the beginning of the show is designed to appeal to the new targeted Stargate demographic. Scott appears to be the new Captain Kirk from Star Trek (or the new Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis). Scott appears to be on schedule to have sex with a different girl at the beginning of different shows and the rest of the guys on the ship will get sloppy seconds.

    I never really thought the senator’s daughter was going to run around seduce other members. I thought that was Scott’s role. I did think it was strange that the senator’s daughter was hanging around Eli after sleeping with Scott.

    It looks like the middle of SGU is filler.

    It looks like the end of the show is designed to appeal to old Stargate fans, or anyone who has an IQ slightly above or slightly below a normal IQ, or anyone who has an IQ slightly above room temperature.

    Funny, I guess in a strange way “old Stargate fans” are getting sloppy seconds. On an off topic, I never did like the show Sanctuary. So it looks like Friday on the SyFy Channel is a waste of time for me.

    In sum, “The Goldilocks Zone” is the perfect description for SGU. SGU is not too hot and not too cold (aka: not too brilliant and not too dumb). I guess I won’t outright stop watching the show, but I will most likely watch the show every other week in two hour segments. I hope the remake of “V” on ABC starting on Tuesday, November 3rd is much better and has not been dumbed down.

  17. AncientOne

    I can understand Billy Holland’s point of view and I respect it. But I find the final statement he made “… but instead of trying to fight to change this series, why not fight to get more series of science fiction on the air that you enjoy, so that we all can have something we enjoy watching, rather than fighting to change something others want to watch.”

    SGA fans did fight to keep the show we enjoyed on the air. We did that. We ALL could’ve had something to watch that we enjoy. ALL of us. The powers that be didn’t want to satisfy ALL their loyal fans, they wanted to turn their backs on those who have followed them for nearly 15 years. They closed their minds to what we asked for, they turned their backs and scoffed at us and our comments and ideas. You are completely right Billy… why couldn’t we ALL have the show we enjoy watching? Why did it really have to be one or the other? I didn’t watch BSG because it was too dark, too gritty and too much “stress” for entertainment… I get enough of that in real life. I don’t like BSG type sci fi shows, that’s why I watched the lighter SG-1 (until season 6)and the Atlantis version which could’ve been a LOT more of the character depth that you seem to see in SGU.

    Atlantis fans asked for – begged for – deeper character studies, deeper backgrounds and histories of the characters, deeper personal interactions and we were told repeatedly that “That has no place in a sci-fi action adventure show”. But it sure found its place in SGU. So before SGU fans scoff at fans of SG-1 or SGA, be clear on this – we ASKED for those deeper personal character interactions in OUR shows and were denied by the very people spilling it all out in a B SG/ST:V copycat.

    I don’t appreciate being insulted because my tastes differ from what BSG and SGU fans like. All three shows have some saving grace, but the writers and producers dont seem to know how to bring all those virtues into ONE really outstanding tv sci-fi action adventure show. SGA had huge potential, but the writers/producers seem to be too busy sampling foods of the world and blogging with sycophantic fans to really care about putting real attention to the shows they’re producing.

    In SGA we asked for a little bit of romance; we were scoffed at. But SGU gets plenty of personal interaction but from what I’ve heard romance is far from what it is. Everything we asked for to be done in SGA was denied, refused and scoffed at for one empty reason or another… only to see them doing precisely what we asked for in this new show. If they had put some of this personal interaction and character depth in SGA they wouldn’t have to try to pretend the series never existed. Say what you all want to about SG-1 and SGA, but remember SGU is being manhandled by the SAME creators. Don’t expect too much from them or it.

    • Psy

      “we ASKED for those deeper personal character interactions in OUR shows and….”


      • lindagagne

        Yes “WE” we being the fans of the show who fought for SGA. You know the ones who gave “THEM” 15 years of where they are today just to tell us WE are no longer needed… OK, but the SGU ratings are nothing to be proud of..

      • Psy

        I didn’t as for that stuff, I like shoot-em up car chases, space battles, action adventure.

      • Manuel

        I DEMAND MY PEW-PEW-PEW and my WOOOSH! With some ‘techno-babble’ and ‘psedu-philosophy’!!

  18. Evets

    This is survivor in space. It even has the time wasting character monologue self introductions. Sci-fi should be intended for sci-fi fans and not try to appeal to people that would watch a soap opera or friends. I’m really only watching this because it’s stargate albeit a bizarro form of it. I’ll decide after the 5th episode if I will continue watching this melodramatic drivel.

    If they get into a fight and anything penetrates the shields, I’m done watching . The ship went inside of a star so there shouldn’t be anything in existence that could damage it except maybe a black hole.

  19. lizlou

    I have watched the first four episodes and am asking myself why. Maybe because the tv is on and my husband is watching it? Even he, as an ardent sci fi fan (BSG in particular)is finding it seriously heavy going. I find it a bit like watching paint dry! I can’t even get enthusiastic about any of the min characters -they just leave me cold. Don’t think I’ll be watching more-would rather read a book!

    • heraldtalia

      I absolutely agree, lizlou. I adore SG1 and SGA, even with all their admitted flaws, so I was hoping that I’d enjoy SGU as well. I didn’t expect to love it the way I loved the first two, but I at least expected to be entertained. Instead, I just feel bored. I actually end up getting so bored with the show that my mind wanders and I end up blabbing to my sister about other things.

      To me, there is nothing entertaining about this show. The “characters” (who have hardly any personality at all aside from Eli and Rush) leave me feeling either indifference, annoyance, or nothing at all. My sister and I have taken to calling this show simply “Universe” because there is nothing Stargate about it aside from the gate itself. All of the “feel” of Stargate is gone, and like you, I often find myself wondering why I am watching. I guess because the word “Stargate” is in the title and I’m waiting for guest spots from the actors from the other two shows.

      • Psy

        “(who have hardly any personality at all aside from Eli and Rush)”

        I see Rush as the only one trying focusing on what the show should be about but its pointless as he is surrounded by emotional drama queens.

        Eli is busy playing with his flying ball and juvenile hormones instead of trying to assist Rush which was the whole point of him being recruited. He is as worthless there as he was at home with his mommy.

    • Psy

      Sorry I’m an irregular commenter and have no need to register. Thanks for the opportunity to express my disappointment with Stargate Universe just the same.

  20. Rhonda Richardson

    I totally agree with you. I miss Sheppard and McKay, Ronan and Teyla. I want the old Stargate back.

  21. Al

    One thing that’s never touched on in this review is the deep distrust of science and scientists. Art imitates life, but life also imitates art, and I think this is fuel for the fire. The completely baseless, deep seated hatred and suspicion against Dr. Rush screams “tea party protestors” to me, and quite frankly I consider it socially irresponsible for Scifi (the channel or the genre) to be giving credence to such leaps of paranoia.

    The scenarios under which the cast express animosity to rush are counter-intuitive. If you’re stuck on a plane without a pilot, you ask around until you find someone with flight training, yet people refuse to follow the recommendations of the expert on the technology around them until compelled by armed force. Yet, the show doesn’t bring this irrationality into question at all, and in fact picks it up and runs with it.

    In this way, SG:U is, ironically, the anti-science fiction. Every episode the writers undermine the credibility of scientists, and the overarching “lesson” to be learned from the series is to shun the exploration and scientific pursuits responsible for our greatest leaps in engineering and virtually every fixture of our modern life.

    As for the aspects already covered by this review, the writers seem to be mediocre at best. My last true assignment in creative writing was a decade ago and I can still see better ways to focus on the crew’s struggles to survive and orient themselves than turning the series into “SOAP OPERA… INNNN SPAAAACCCE”.

    It seems they’ve run out of immediate crisies now, at least, maybe they can move on to the more salient issues at hand if the cast is to survive and eventually adapt to their sitation. Honestly, they could take a few lessons from season one of “enterprise” in regards to tying this in with plot (yes, they could include that, too!) and meaningful character development, rather than the development of stains on their hundred-thousand year old sheets.

    • Manuel

      Yup, I agree. It’s almost as if the next thing they’re gonna do, is completely disregard the Ancient Tech, and try to incorporate their MAC laptops to make the Ancient tech more User-Friendly.

  22. Diane

    I’m not likeing this kind of Stargate, all I’m seeing is them useing the stones all the time to talk to there loved ones, a few times was ok, but now there doing with each one is really getting old and the sex is just too much as someone said one hear if they wanted to see sex they watch porn. I’m starting to not like any of the characters on the show. Then there’s the part where kids can’t watch this show because it’s too dark and gritty, the way it’s going this Stargate will not last too long.

  23. coleman

    I have been a stargate fan ever sice SG-1. I liked atlantis, yet not that much in the begining. I like atlantis in the later episodes. Stargate universe is HORRIBLE. I have stopped watching the show until there is a writer change, a charater change or even better the show goes off and they bring back stargate atlantis. I believe if enough people stop watching the show, they will get the message change the show or start looking for a new job.

  24. John

    Just to say i thought i would hate stargate universe and wanted atlantis back but after watching all the episodes of stargate universe i found it slightly more entertaining than stargate atlantis. its a new take on a similar storyline that we have been watching for fifteen years. for fifteen years we have been watching the same similar group of characters go through the gate.
    1. The Funny Guy = Jack or John
    2. The Clever Guy = Sam or Rodney
    3. The expert on alien history = Daniel or Teyla
    4. The tough warrior Alien = Teal’c or Ronon
    And this just gives it a fresh lift while still being entertaining.

  25. Johanna

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