Peter Molyneux, boss at Lionhead Studios, the team behind the “Fable” series, today revealed his top 5 most revolutionary games of the past 20 years.

These are his choices, and his reasoning behind each.

“¢ The RTS Dune 2: The game took players away from twitch play to a cerebral approach.
“¢ Super Mario 64: The true precursor to the likes of GTAIV as it ushered in free roaming in an open environment.
“¢ Tomb Raider: The game featured an iconic heroine instead of a muscle-bound man.
“¢ Halo: The title brought FPS games to consoles.
“¢ World of Warcraft: The use of “carrot dangling” to drive players to keep playing.

This is kind of weird. Before I read this story, I formulated my own 5, and with the exception of Dune 2, my list matched Molyneux’s game for game. Whoa.

Source: Kotaku

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