BioWare and Electronic Arts recently announced “Dragon Age: Journeys,”‚  a free-to-play browser-based game.

This two-dimensional title, set in the Dragon Age world, launched its first chapter today where enthusiasts can play the role of a hero exploring the underground dwarven kingdom of Orzammar.


Additionally, players, like in Dragon Age: Origins, can assume one of six origins stories to embark upon, with the journey playing out differently with each.

“Dragon Age Journeys sets the stage for Dragon Age: Origins,” said Mark Darrah, Executive Producer, Dragon Age: Origins. “The team has shown the Dragon Age Franchise in a bold new light and the release of this game allows a broad audience of players to discover our dark fantasy universe for the first time.”

What’s most interesting though, is that the press release stated players can earn “exclusive content” for Dragon Age : Origins, playable on day-one, when the game launches Nov. 3.

Ooh. Ahh. What could it be?

Start playing Dragon Age Journeys at the official Web site.

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