In celebration of the eminent release of “Saw VI,” Blast is hooking you up yet again. We’re giving (giving!) away two “Saw” DVD prize packs that include a trilogy box set, a copy of Saw IV and a copy of Saw V.

Now here’s how to win: register on our site for free and comment with your favorite scary movie (and why it’s your favorite) OR tell us about the worst nightmare you ever had. The scariest posts will win! We’ll pick one winner from each category.

The contest ends next Friday, on Halloween, so get crackin’!

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  1. BostonMSG

    My browser crappped on me and didn’t let me finish typing… lmao.

    here goes. My scariest nightmare happened a few years ago after i finished watching a series or scary movies, one of them being nightmare on elm street and jason. AT the time we had surround sound in my apartment hooked up so you’d hear every little detail in the movie.

    In the midst of watching these my ex used to scare me at certain parts of the movie. needless to say, he caught me EVERY SINGLE TIME and i would jump out of the sofa!

    Well, the same night to follow, i would have a hard tiem falling asleep because the images of the previous movies kept playing in my head and it kept leading to different things. It just went on and on and no matter how hard i tried, it won’T stop.

    Finally i fell asleep but it didn’t stop. whatever i was thinking prior to falling asleep must have bled into my dreams because it would continue on. Instead of the characters in the movie, it would be me. it would happen over and over again.

    I would always wake up in a sweat and can’t go back to sleep. This may not sound so scary now but at the time, it was.

  2. Spencer Barrett

    My favorite scary movie is the original Halloween. I first saw it when I was 8 years old and it terrified me so much that I didn’t get a good nights sleep for years after that. I would have nightmares about Michael Myers chasing me, hurting my family, etc. and still I watched these movies to be scared. Now, it’s become a rush to be scared and I would absolutely LOVE to win these DVDs to keep me having nightmares for many more years to come.

  3. cooliorox22

    My favorite scary movie would be the original Halloween from 1978 which I saw a few years ago at 3am on Halloween…John Carpenters score is amazing…let’s face it, without it the movie would suck….I’d also have to say the idea of a babysitter being stalked in a suburban neighborhood is quite terrifying when you’re watching it in a suburban neighborhood the night the film takes place…Jamie lee Curtis and Donald pleasence steal the show…this movie is amazing, and even better at 3am on All Hallow’s Eve in a suburban neighborhood….it just gives you the feel that what happens to Laurie Strode on that fateful night could happen to anyone…sometimes when I’m home alone, I watch Halloween and it scares me to death….I mean, Michael Myers could be watching me type this story right now… 😉

  4. Yusuf Nasrullah

    My favourite horror movie will be the unlikely choice of the new OMEN (2006); though universally panned by pseudo-intellectual critics, I thought it captured the eerieness of the Biblical prediction immensely well and the boy who played Damien kept me awake at night. It was unforgettable how he understands the silent glances of the evil governess (Mia Farrow), cycles past his mother, startles and throws her off kilter and then sucks indulgently on a strawberry as she cries for help and drops precipitously to the hard wooden floor, paralysing herself. Though remakes are berated mostly for being wafer-thin and half-hearted attempts to redo an earlier classic, this 06-06-06 release was dynamite in my opinion! Now, can I please have the SAW package? I want to relish the sight of that mask with the spiralling red cheeks again, and of course see a few fingers being chopped off too!

  5. nvmets10

    First of all, just want to say I love the site. Can’t believe I wasn’t aware of it earlier. Keep up the great work and I really appreciate this opportunity.

    So my most frightening nightmare came after seeing the original When A Stranger Calls, which had a pretty spectacular opening scene. In the dream, I was sitting at home with my parents and brother one night when the doorbell rang. I went down to answer it and nobody was at the door but there was somebody across the street just staring at me. I was creeped out but that my parents were there made me less uneasy. Shortly after though, the phone rang, I picked up, and there was just breathing followed by a man saying he was going to kill all of us. My parents told me there was nothing to worry about and it was probably just somebody pranking us because it was the night before Halloween. Needless to say, I was still terrified and didn’t want to sleep.

    I must’ve fallen asleep anyway though because the next thing I know, I’m waking up in the middle of the night. The thing was that I was waking up to the sight of a man with a knife standing at the end of the hallway in the kitchen. I wanted to cry and was scared to a degree that can’t be described. I rushed to my parents’ room and in trying to wake them up felt something wet. Presumably, it was blood and they were dead. The same was the case for my brother. I was bawling at this point and went for the phone not knowing where the man was anymore. I successfully called the police but was stabbed right when I turned around and, finally, I woke up. For weeks after that, I had an impossible time sleeping.

    All these years later, that scene still gives me more trouble than any other after watching it.


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