Electronic Arts, one of the largest game publisher/developer/marketer and distibutors, in the world, didn’t achieve such a lofty status on thought alone. They went out and worked for it.

But how can a company work, if they don’t have workers?

That’s where you come in, you aspiring and learned student you.

If you’ve ever wondered, and consequently wanted, to work a EA, the company that brings everything from The Sims to the Rock Band, to Brutal Legend, to life, look no further.

The company posted this “EA University Recruiting” video on their Youtube page, and well, it’s actually not all that great.

Seems to be all hype, and no substance. Anyway, check it out if you’d like, but look here for a full listing of jobs available at EA right.this.moment.

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  1. Chris

    EA is also infamous for grinding its employees to dust…
    Google for “EA widows”

  2. Sean

    Have you ever worked for EA? I was an employee of EA and EA treats employees really good.


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