The original Modern Warfare’s campaign lasted only about 6 hours, and the sequel will be the same.‚  With mere weeks until MW2 releases, developer Infinity Ward defended their choice to keep it short.

Robert Bowling, Infinity Ward’s community guy, spoke with IGN about why the game’s campaign won’t be a huge timesink.

“We try and focus on the experience we’re trying to deliver, and we really let the story dictate how long the game is.”

“We never go into development saying ‘We’re going to make a 20 hour game because people want a 20 hour game’ “" we want to deliver an intense experience where you walk away and go ‘wow, I want to play more,'”

“It’s okay for you to want to play more of something “" that’s a good thing, and then you’ve got all these other modes. You might love the story, it left you wanting more but that’s great but jump into the multiplayer and 14 million people have been playing it for two years straight. That’s a long game, no matter how you look at it.”

I, like so many of you, loved the original and had no issue with campaign length. I thoroughly enjoyed it, but‚  the game’s lasting appeal for me, and 13,999,999 of you, was found in the multiplayer, and we know this fact will remain true in the sequel.

Source: IGN

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