Meghan's Twiiter pic.

Meghan's Twiiter pic.

In either a desperate bid for attention or just a stupid mistake, Meghan McCain posted a provocative picture of herself on her Twitter account, the Los Angeles Times reported.

In response to the negative press, Meghan had this to say:

“Could it be it’s because I have breasts? Because for those of you who didn’t know, I have two. They’re larger than some women’s and not as big as others. I don’t usually show off my cleavage “" as I did in the photos I posted “" which I will admit is not the smartest thing I have ever done.”

The ‘every woman has them, what’s the big deal’ approach – a favorite of scantily clad women everywhere. But she went on.

“For years I have struggled to accept the fact that the way I look in a tank top comes off more ‘sexual’ than a flat-chested woman. And once again I was reassured by the media that someone with my cup size should always be covered up. Or what, I’ll be seen as a slut?”

The ‘woe is me, I’m attrative’ approach – even more annoying.

Although she seems to be denying any real wrongdoing, she said she has learned a valuable lesson about the line between public and private use of social media. Then she wrapped the whole mess up with this gem:

“I just wanted to get that off my chest.”


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  1. Secretia Teller

    It’s Meghan’s right to display her breasts. Probably most women would like to show themselves off more than they do!

    Secretia (Secret Story Time)

  2. matt

    Instead of criticizing Ms McCain for what you “think” her motives were, why not take issue with “what” she said. Nope, I suppose it would be too much to ask from Blast.


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