Lindsay Lohan was given another year of probation at a hearing in Beverly Hills today, reported.

After LiLo showed up an hour and a half late, Judge Marsha M. Revel told her, “I ordered you into court today because I wanted to speak to you directly. I don’t want to get any more notices again [that you might be in violation of probation], no warrants … where you’re thumbing your nose at the court.”

Apparently Lohan had been missing alcohol education classes while working out of the country and had a warrent for her arrest earlier this year, which was later dismissed as a misunderstanding. Judge Revel ordered Lohan to seek approval from the court before leaving the country for work again.

On a compassionate note, she also added, “I’m rooting for you to successfully complete probation.”

Lohan, on the other hand, had almost nothing to say. She simply replied “yes” when asked if she understood the proceedings. Hopefully she does, because it seems like we’ve all been “rooting” for her to succeed for a while and it still hasn’t happened.

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