Mythic Entertainment and Electronic Arts today announced a special and limited live Halloween event going down in the popular MMORPG Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning.

Beginning October 23 and running through November 2, players can enjoy the Daemon Mask event quest, a new Daemonball Rally Public Quest, and a special Realm vs. Realm scenario. And not to worry because the entire event is tailored for players of both the Destruction and Order.

“This is a terrifying time of year within the world of Warhammer and the Daemon Moon Rising live event is our way of fighting against the darkness that encompasses the land” said Jeff Hickman, Executive Producer for Mythic Entertainment. “We call on all players to rise up against the malevolent creatures that threaten the land and keep safe the Realms. But beware, for under the cold, dark madness of the Daemon Moon, anything can happen!”

Additionally, participants in the event can earn the following: “the Fiendfang with bonus to healing, damage, renown, and XP; the Face of the Unborn mask; the Meatcleaver’s mask; the Face-Eater’s mask; the arcane Malleus Daemonarium; and special talisman components imbued with the might of Chaos itself.”

More information can be found at the Warhammer Online Web site

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