Facebook, the second most visited Web site on the Internet, sucks up hours and hours of lives everyday and while stalking social interactivity is its main draw, games are climbing up the ladder quickly.

You might play Farmville, Mafia Wars, or any of the others, but what if you love football, then what?

Enter Gridiron Live, a game that, according to its maker “combines the casual, quick gameplay of social gaming with high-quality 3D graphics.”

Now, as a personal rule, I don’t install third-party apps on my Facebook account, I guess I’m afraid of the clutter, but from these screens and personal reviews, the game is the real deal.


The game is fully browser-based and thus requires no download. It’s a Flash game and looks on par with PlayStation 1 games and like QuickHit Football, you don’t control an individual player, rather you play the role of the coach– watch out for the Gatorade!

Best of all, when you complete feats in the game, like “longest pass,” that achievement and others, can be published to your news feed for all to revel at.

If you’re one of the over 250 million members of Facebook and love football, check out GridIron Live on Facebook today!

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