An executive producer at EA’s Visceral Games studio today revealed that players will be rewarded for killing babies in Dante’s Inferno.

The Achievement (and we assume Trophy for PS3 gamers), is called “Bad Nanny” and will be rewarded to the player who slaughters a to-be-determined number of unbaptized infants.

Now, to be fair,‚  these babies are hideous, have knives for arms, and will kill you if you don’t kill them, so don’t feel too bad for the little guys.

However you slice it, Dante’s Inferno is continuing to sound like a great game. We’ll know for sure February 9 when the game hits shelves everywhere.

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  1. Nettie Weber

    As a Board Member of the International Nanny Association (INA) and the Public Relations Chair, I am posting the following official statement from the INA, regarding this topic.

    “INA feels this video game component of Dante’s Inferno was created out of poor taste and bad judgment. INA is opposed to video games that promote and encourage players to “kill” babies, even in fantasy play. It is our opinion that this type of play may promote violence towards children. The name of the trophy or achievement, “Bad Nanny,” is offensive to our association in that we strive to promote and educate the public regarding the selfless work nannies do to support families by providing quality in-home child care.”

    We have urged our membership to take action concerning this issue through the appropriate channels, as well.

  2. Michelle LaRowe

    “A great game” are you serious? How sad that “entertainment” has crossed this line, promoting violence against children.

    Michelle LaRowe
    2004 INA Nanny of the Year
    Author, Nanny to the Rescue! Working Mom’s 411 and A Mom’s Ultimate Book of Lists

  3. Lynne Kenney

    As the mother of two children and a practicing psychologist I hope someone asserts legal authority to shut this down. At first I thought it was a joke but my colleagues tell me you are serious. No healthy teen or adult thinks killing is fun. Lynne Kenney

  4. Stella Reid

    It is not enough that we have violent television and movies, we also have interactive violent video games. These video games are very engaging and appear to need the player to relate/identify with the aggressor/attacker.

    Shame on you for now creating a game that requires the player to kill babies !!!

    Plus you have the audacity to call it the “Nanny”

    As with the other posts I will play my part in hopefully getting your game banned/shut down.

    Stella Reid
    aka Nanny Stella from Nanny 911
    Author, consultant and real-life Nanny.

  5. What the What?

    Michelle, this promotes harming children as much as Super Mario Brothers promotes swimming through sewers and eating magical mushrooms. It’s so fantastical and otherworldy, it does not even begin to resemble reality or promote violence toward any type of human being. The things in the game aren’t babies. They’re not even humans. They’re creatures in a level of Hell based on the writings of an Italian poet. Perhaps we should ban the Divine Comedy as well?

    Stella, what “it” are you referring to? There is no “it” that is called “Nanny”. If you are going to stand up for a title that is important to you, it’s best that you understand the way it’s being used so that you know exactly what you are fighting against.

    “Bad Nanny” is the name of an achievement. Achievements are game-specific challenges that, while tied to the game, are not an integral part of game play or game completion. There’s no character or “it” called “Bad Nanny,” it’s simply the name given to one of a number of achievements in the game. Hey, at least they label it as “bad,” right?

    Congratulations on giving EA free publicity and controversy.

  6. mike

    As a parent and a professional in their 30’s w/ degrees in English Lit and history, I am looking forward to this game. Although i can see your complaint about baby killing, yet i simply ask that you just avoid the game. If you can not separate fantasy from reality, or if you can’t comprehend what is good or bad for your children, then you have issues. Maybe you should put some of that energy into actually disciplining your child instead of setting them in the corner. Then maybe our teachers could actually teach them about the divine comedy instead of dodging bullets.

    I’m almost certain this game is not geared toward youngsters. If it is, then maybe they will actually pick up a book and read the divine comedy. Has everyone become so politically correct that they have become total douches? So before you fire off protest letters against a game, why dont you get off your pompous ass and try to do something good for your children or community. Lead by example–actions speak louder than words.


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