Gabe Newell, head of Left 4 Dead, and Team Fortress 2 development team Valve, answered questions from Australian industry journalists today and among other things Newell said “[Valve] has lots of money.”

Newell also chatted it up about how he Valve sees “entertainment as a service” and that “Team Fortress is the benchmark and that’s the level we intend to bring all products to.”

He also spoke to just why he made the trek to Australia to see a modder’s Left 4 Dead campaign:

“We recognize that we really are part of this community. We talk about it a lot, that we’re not up here and the community’s down here, and the games snowflake in. We really are part of it. We look to that community to see what we should do. … It was pretty clear that this was one of those things that the community fell in love with the idea. They wanted us to come down here and meet with Joe and give him feedback. And in our experience, it’s been very bad idea when we get such a clear signal from pc gaming community, if we ignore it.”

Take a look at the full interview in this Youtube video and let us know what you think in the comments.

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