Cross-game voice chat, a feature Xbox 360 gamers have been enjoying for some time now, is reportedly packed inside the next PS3 firmware update.

We’ve long heard rumors of its development, but a post on the official Sony forums today by a Naughty Dog (Uncharted series) developer, seems to not only prove its existence, but announce that it’s coming soon.

In response to a fan question asking about enemy spectating Uncharted 2, Alex ReklissAbandon wrote, in reference to corss-game chat in Uncharted 2 and how it might seem unfair.

“But I will suggest it anyway,” ReklissAbandon wrote. “Not to mention that the next PS3 firmware update is going to allow cross game chat. So if players use that instead of in game communication then they would also be able to communicate enemies positions.”

The post was quickly deleted, thus seemingly verifying its truth, and the Naughty Dog developer, well, we can only imagine what happened to him for spilling the beans.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. ds r4

    I spent about an hour on the phone today playing Demon’s Souls with a friend. THis will free up my phone time. Now I just need a better bluetooth headset.

  2. godfather

    if this is true this will benefit ps3, but we also need things like playtv on our ps3 without havin to pay for it. if xbox gets sky for free y cnt we get playtv for free

    • boddobodd

      they dont get it free they just get it so they dont have to get box they just have to put there sky des in so they can watch sky

    • christopher roberts

      yes u are so right about that ps3 really needs playtv they said they were going to come out with it but i still haven’t herad anything else about that >P


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