Rockstar Games are adding more than just ritzy, high-end lifestyle gameplay to GTA: IV when “Ballad Of Gay Tony” releases later this month. The development studio today announced that a massive multiplayer overhaul is headed to Liberty City.

According to the press release, every aspect of the original multiplayer modes in GTA: IV have been reworked, resulting in an action packed, over-the-top experience.

Rockstar also promises new weapons, tighter DeathMatch arenas for more fierce combat, as well as parachutes, kill streaks and assisted kills.

Here’s the full breakdown of what’s new.

Weapons– Pistol .44, Explosive Shotgun, Assault SMG, Gold SMG, Advanced MG, Advanced Sniper, Sticky Bombs and Parachute

Cash For Kills- Make $25 for every assisted kill.

Killstreaks-Kill streaks of 3, 5 or 10 gives the player health and armor bonuses. Ending other players’ kill streaks you earn $125.

DeathMatch Locations- Deathmatch locations are contained areas, making for an even more intense experience. New locations include: CC Plaza, Meadow Hills, Firefly Island, Alderney Building Site, Varsity Heights, Factory, Construction, Acter Power Station, Pier 45, Castle Gardens Park, Boat House, Easton Subway, Warehouse, Hospital, Waste, Trespass, Museum and more.

Weapon Classes- Episodic, Automatic, Sniper Rifles, Explosives, Sticky Bombs.

Take a look at the new modes, weapons, and parachutes (!) in action in this high-res screenshots. As always, click to embiggen.

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