BioWare launched a Dragon Age: Origins character creator and social site today for those looking to bask in the studio’s epic role-playing-game weeks before it hits.

According to the Web site, with the character creator, enthusiasts will be able to “create numerous different characters before launch and experiment with the different classes, races, and create multiple faces for the 6 Origin stories and save them to your hard drive for safe keeping until the game is released.”

Role-playing-games are long affairs and it’s easy to sink hours upon hours into them so it’s crucial to be playing a hero you know and love, and what better way to do so than to craft your own? What’s more, this move allows gamers to jump right into the action November 3 when the game releases.

Sadly, this service pertains exclusively to PC gamers intending to buy the game. Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will have to wait to build their avatar.

Additionally, BioWare launched a a new social Web site today that’ll allow them to upload screenshots, game data, and story information to share with community members. And this is for all platforms. Hooray!

Dragon Age: Origins Character Creator

Dragon Age: Origins Social Network

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