Graffiti Entertainment secured the USA Racquetball license today and named the Wii as the platform of choice for the first game in the to-be series.

According to the press release, a USA Racquetball game, though unnamed, will debut first on Nintendo Wii and then will “roll out games for other videogame console formats.”

The project is currently in development and scheduled for a release in the latter stages of 2010. No mention was made of what other systems the game will venture to, but its beginning on the Wii seems a logical fit.

“We are thrilled about translating the sport of racquetball into a videogame, especially due to its natural fit for the Wii system. The physical dynamics of racquetball present unique opportunities that are very appealing to a videogame player and we are looking forward to creating an authentic playing experience. Anyone who has ever played racquetball knows how challenging a workout and how much fun playing racquetball can be. Now they will be able to actively feel this experience in their own home.” Said Kenneth L. Hurley, CEO of Graffiti

I’ve played Racquetball a handful of times and can absolutely attest to the “pure fun” factor of the sport, and if properly executed in the game, it could be one hell of a great sports game for the Wii.

No screens of the game have surfaced yet, but when they do we’ll be all over it.

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