The second season of Sam & Max Beyond Time and Space is coming to Xbox Live Arcade. All five episodes will be bundled together and sold for 1600 Microsoft Points.‚  It will include achievements, HD graphic support, localized subtitles and a custom control scheme adapted or the 36o system. This, in addition to a second Sam & Max Xbox picture pack will be released this Wednesday. The Freelance Police go up against the surreal and supernatural. They’ll face off against demon-possessed Santa Clause, gigantic robots and an emo vampire who are all amassing an army of rave loving zombies (THE HORROR). The game is full of mind-bending puzzles, cool environments and unhinged humor. The hilarious and outlandish characters will serve as an inspiration for the studio’s annual Halloween contest which has just kicked off. Winners will recieve a gaming console of their choice and other prizes! For more info, check out the official site.

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