Role-playing-games are long affairs. They can’t usually be completed in a sitting or two. Gamers invest serious amounts of time and effort into them, and rightfully so. When executed correctly, they can be the most rewarding games.

But before you can play a game you have to buy it, and before you do that, sometimes you can even try it.

That’s the news today, as Deep Silver announced that their RPG “Risen” has a demo for PC users, and it’s available right now. It clocks in at an acceptable 1.1GB, but you should check the system requirements first.

The demo, according to Deep Silver, “lets players experience the dramatic introduction of the game where the nameless hero survives a shipwreck in a storm and lands on the shore of the Island of Faranga. Numerous decisions must be made within the course of the adventure, each one influencing the storyline in different ways.”

Start your Risen download over here at the Risen Blog

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