A huge part of the gaming experience is the score that backs the gameplay. If you’re going around shooting a crap load of enemies, you’re gonna need a soundtrack as epic as the 300 movie soundtrack. EA Games realized that the only way to give the sequel to Army of Two the energetic (and epic) score it needs to keep players engrossed,they’d have to hire someone who can make great fight music. So they did the one thing that guarantees that they’ll get the best score possible for the co-op action game: They hired Tyler Bates to compose the score. Bates, famous for composing the scores for 300, Halloween and Watchmen, will provide Salem and Rios with a great action score to enhance their battle through Shanghai. Definitely an AWESOME choice for this game. Check out the video interview with Bates below and a sample of the score.

The game’s coming out January 12 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PSP, so mark your calendars and start saving up! Comment below with you thoughts on the score sample and video.

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