Sony released the Uncharted 2 multiplayer demo on the PlayStation Network just over a week ago and today reported all kinds of statistics on its use. In short, gamers are playing the bejeezes out of it.

All the statistics are quite staggering, but one that stands out is certainly the fact that gamers have already played it collectively for the equivalent of 9,905 days or over 27 years!

Another mind-blowing accomplishment? Of the game’s 34 Metacritic scores, 17 of them have been perfect, with the others clocking in at over 90%.

Total Number of games played “" 1,217,424
Total Number of Kills “" 92,110,787
Total Number of Treasures Captured “" 1,860,645
Total Amount of Money Earned “" $38,841,367,350
Total Time Played “" 9,905 days (or 27+ years)

We’ll have a review for you soon, but for now, keep on keepin’ on with that demo!

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