Square Enix updated the Final Fantasy XIV website today with a mass listing and imaging of all the critters you’ll encounter in the game.

Ranging from the odd to the total what the f*ck, this bestiary catalog is great. I know I need more living cactus in my life. What about you?

Final Fantasy XIV Online is due out sometime in 2010 on PS3 and PC.

Along with these new images, the FFXIV website was also updated today with more information on new chores and tasks in the game.

Source: Kotaku

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  1. Krazy Kao

    I played FFXI once and then smashed the game the next day. I spent one day installing the game, setting up my character and as soon as i get to explore, the f*cking game lags like a fag in slow motion!!! I spent $120.00 on the game and SE still send me the $70.00 online fee with the extras i bought. F*CK FINAL FANTASY XI AND I hope FFXIV doesn’t meet the same fate. Even Monster Hunter(PS2) never lagged on me,8 hours per day for 1 1/2 year of gaming!


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