Need For Speed: Shift’s been out for a while now and has been loved nearly across the board, but EA’s still marketing the game as if it was due out next week.

Today’s video shows off fine tuning of cars in the game and how “the smallest adjustment can be the difference between winning and going home empty-handed.”

I’ve never been a car-guy by any stretch of the term, but the dude in this video makes me feel educated when he says “carbon Kevlar break-pads” will help my breaking and “wing and splitter for better aerodynamics, but maybe that’s just me.

Check out the video and if you’ve played the game, let us know what you think of it.

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  1. Philipoque

    Bullshit BECAUSE the the series are based to iritate the player anyway, adrenaline so to speak is an undespeacable issue because it is based on challendge while in sim like most pseudo sims ( even if its arcade its still a bad but sim) the ruler of controll is still enjoying the unknown contralllibility, convincing himself that he is getting grip on the supercar on high speed turns. En with what comprehensable chassis settings?

    It is elaborate that instead if friendly 3d drawings of the chassis settings, so you can see whitch angle at whitch turn of the front wheel is actually meant instead of guesing ( like all the driving experience in this game is anyways – no tuning in real time) you get the stupid bars with banal explanation.

    Stop making so called GAMES to infurther our perception of reality, some sims are good and pleaseruble training grids to instraighten human abilities while some are pure the opposite.


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