When Dragon Age Origins launches next month there will be downloadable content available on day-one, but unlike the usual DLC, it’ll be free for those with a new copy of the game, and pricey for those without.

“The Stone Prisoner” introduces a new Golem charatcer to your party with an entire back-story and unique quests to embark upon. The DLC will be free, so long as you input the code in your new copy of the game, otherwise, it’s $15.

Additionally “The Warden’s Keep,” the second piece of content available at launch is comprised of a new “dungeon-exploring adventure, new loot including a set of ancient Grey Warden armor, a chance to gain two of six mysterious new abilities, a new base complete with merchants and a party chest to store their hard-earned items.” This content pack will be free for those purchasing the “Digital Deluxe Edition” but will cost everyone else $7.

Finally, the “Blood Dragon Armor” DLC has, you guessed it, armor in it. This themed set of armor will give players extra protection in combat and is free for those who purchased a new copy of the game.

What are we seeing here? Looks to me like a definite and aggresive push from a large publisher attempting to at best, weaken used game sales. Whether it works remains to be seen.

What about you? Would incentives like this convince you to buy a new copy?

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