Trying to draw a clear line in the sand between Massachusetts Democrats and the oft-moderate Republicans, State Senator and US Senate candidate Scott Brown (R-Wrentham) launched a YouTube video emphasizing his support for capital punishment.

“My Democratic opponents Martha Coakley and Mike Capuano are having an ongoing debate over who’s more liberal,” Brown says in the video. “Each one is trying to be softer on crime than the other. Unlike both of them, I support the death penalty. Anyone who reads the newspaper or watches the nightly news knows there are some crimes that are so horrific that they shock our conscience.”

Brown sites acts of terrorism, murders with torture, and the killing of law enforcement officials as the types of crimes he feels deserve the death penalty.

“I believe a well-crafted death penalty law that relies on advances in DNA evidence and other forensic science to conclusively prove a defendant’s guilt will deliver the justice that the public demands,” Brown says, “and innocent victims deserve.”

Massachusetts is a non-death penalty state.

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