FIFA, the Madden of Europe, is a huge franchise. It’s EA’s largest, and as you know, is a simulator of the world’s most popular sport, soccer. The 2010 version went on sale last week and sold beyond belief.

Electronic Arts today unleashed some heavy statistics, naming FIFA ’10 the fastest-selling sports video game of all time with over 1.7 million copies sold in Europe in its first week on the market there. Additionally, FIFA ’10 marks EA’s largest launch of any game, ever, in Europe.

“We were confident that FIFA 10 would be a hit, and this week fans across Europe have shown just how much they love this game” said Peter Moore, President of EA SPORTS. “We are incredibly proud of FIFA 10 and this kick-off for great, authentic football competition.”

Fans have collectively already played 10 million matches online with over 155,000 gamers playing simultaneously during peak hours, which speaks to the game’s robust online features.

FIFA ’10 comes to North America October 20, but don’t expect these kind of figures.

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