Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America President, today said the Wii’s recent $50 price-drop has had a significant positive impact on the campany’s numbers.

Speaking with the Financial Times, the Reginator said: “The consumer response has been very strong to the price reduction.”

The Nintendo President said he couldn’t reveal hard sales data, but did confirm the Wii’s drop in price was part of a company-wide strategy to get the Wii into more homes this Holiday season.

“There are literally millions of consumers out there who want a Wii and had been on the sidelines,” he explained.

“They’d been waiting for that little nudge to go out and pick it up – the price decline, the sampling, the launching of key software like Wii Fit Plus – we believe it’s what’s pushing them over the edge to get into the category.”

Additionally, Fils-Aime added that third-party publishers will release 140 titles on the Wii over the next three months. Wow.

Source: IGN

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