Think you know everything about the Twilight universe? Want to put your skills to the test and prove your Twintegrity?

If so, you’ll be happy to learn Summit Entertainment and Realtime Arcade recently launched the “Twilight The Movie Game” mobile trivia game. It’s packed full with hundreds of trivia questions aimed at bringing you back to your “favorite moments from the movie.” In the game you can either fly solo and tackle the questions alone, or challenge friends in the competitive mode.

The game is currently only available through AT&T, but is promised to hit all other service providers soon.

Additionally, an iPhone/iPod Touch game dubbed “Scene It: Twilight” will be coming the App Store on iTunes at everyone’s favorite indeterminate date, “soon.”

What’s more, if you don’t already own an iPhone/iPod Touch, RealArcade are giving the devices away, as well as copies of the game. To win you simply have to follow @RealTwitter on Twitter and be ready to answer Twilight trivia questions.

Debut trailer and more information @ Twilight The Movie Game

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