The world’s most popular sport, Soccer, came to the land of Free Realms today, allowing gamers to take part in 3v3 matches and reach a highest level of 20 in the activity.

The “Goal Time” content update went live in the free-to-play MMO today and unlocked the playing fields scattered throughout the land allowing players access to the new Soccer Star job class.

Twenty new soccer-themed quests and lots of gear and equipment came with the update. Additionally, skills and powerups, earned by progressing through quests, will grant your avatar an upper-hand in matches, which can be played either against a computer-controlled team or against three fellow Free Realmers.

Paying Free Realm customers can enjoy all 20 levels but those choosing the free path can only rank up to level 5.

Have a look at MMO soccer action. I mean, where else have you seen this?

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