Demon’s Souls is scheduled for a massive release this Tuesday and the PS3-exclusive role-playing-game isn’t the niche market type endeavor publisher Atlus is used to operating.

For this reason some shipping issues have occurred and some lucky souls (maybe you!) have the game in their hands today, one entire day before the game’s official release date. This all seems well and good right? Not so much.

What this means is if you scored yourself an early copy, the first thing you’ll notice when you pop the disc into your PS3 is a horrific PSN error message that’ll mandate offline play. And that’s no good because we’ve heard all about how bloodstained and helpful the online play will be.

However, Atlus promises that when the clock strikes midnight on October 6, the day the game officially launches, they’ll flip the switch and turn on the Demon’s Souls servers, allowing you to experience the game, in it’s complete and online-buffed entirety.

Aren’t you glad you read this post before you went out and stabbed your internet service provider? We saved you a life-sentence!

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