Rocco talked about “knocking it down a bit” during his interview with Blast.

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And he doesn’t mean knocking down a mafioso or some badass Russian crime boss.

Ten years ago, David Della Rocco played a character named after him, but the character is not him. Rocco, a college-educated, classical actor, couldn’t be farther removed from the dumbass street thug he plays in the “Boondock Saints” movies. He had to knock himself down a little bit to his character’s level.

He did like the freedom in the dialog and the way he was able to put some of himself into the character, but David is not Rocco.

“I had a lot of freedom,” he said, “in the way, you look at the script and — Troy directs what he wants for an emotion — and basically I could use so much of myself, which is really nice when you’re an actor.”

This student of the stage still doesn’t have many Hollywood films to his name, and that’s become hard to believe because he’s recognized everywhere for his role in “Boondock Saints,” which is extremely popular in Boston and a cult classic everywhere else.

In fact, the only other film to his name is 2008’s “Jake’s Corner,” about an ex-football star who has a family tragedy. He plays a minor character named “Wheels.” He said he’d love to get more roles, but acknowledged how hard it is to make a living as an actor.

He told Blast that he reprises his role in “All Saints Day” in a dream sequence in three different spots, filmed in three locations, where he interacts with the two brothers.

Rocco lives in Hollywood and has a girlfriend named Debra Donovan.

As for his favorite Rocco line in the two films, he threw a nod to the often vulgar writing in the flicks:

“Shut your fat ass, Rayvie! I can’t go and buy a pack of smokes without running into nine guys you’ve fucked!”

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