Downloadable content for any game is often a controversial issue with gamers. Are publishers intentionally witholding content from the retail version to milk even more cash out of gamers?

Whatever the case my be, Activision has promised DLC for the latest Call of Duty, but as of today, Infinity Ward “hasn’t even begun thinking” about it.

Wait what? But we saw that Monster Energy drink line with promised DLC coming Spring 2010, didn’t we?

Over on the developer’s forums, Infinity Ward community man Robert Bowling answered gamers who might be ticked over the idea of DLC already finished (though no one ever said that).

“We haven’t even begun thinking about what our DLC will be, let alone finish any. No DLC will begin development until the entire game is finished and certified.”

If Spring 2010 is to be the release date of the first batch of DLC, that gives Infinity Ward about 5 months to plan, build, and execute it. Which seems possible, right?

Infinity Ward Hasn’t Started DLC Development @ IGN

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