Did you take advantage of that nifty free Guitar Hero Van Halen offer? If so, your free copy of the game should in your mailbox in the very near future.


Activision hasn’t told us much about the game, but now that some guy in Minnesota received his copy, we’ve got screenshots and information previously unavailable.

First off, the game doesn’t come in a full-sized box, rather only a DVD sleeve with the words “Not For Resale” slapped on the front. Does that mean your local GameStop won’t give you money for it? We’re not sure!


Also, as of today, the tunes on-disc, can’t be exported to Guitar Hero 5. But hopefully, when the game officially launches December 22, Activision will have cleared that issue up.

Additionally, the game is said to mirror that of Guitar Hero: Metallica, only with Eddie and Alex instead of Kirk and Lars.

The setlist for the game is actually pretty killer, and if you took advantage of the promotion and scored the freebie, you should be in for a treat.


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