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Bob Marley’s not a reggae star. He’s a local boy, from New England. He’s the comedian who gained some measure of fame for his role as the bumbling Detective Greenly in “The Boondock Saints.”

His most famous line — “Where you goin? NO WHERE” — can still be heard 10 years later at bars across Boston.

We tapped the phones in the Blast newsroom to Podcast our 20-minute interview with Marley, where we talked about terrorism, comedy and most of all the hotly anticipated sequel to the 1999 cult classic (if all of Boston is considered one big cult) “Boondock Saints.” Marley reprises his role in “Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day,” which is due out October 30, despite the utter lack of publicity surrounding the flick so far.

BobMarleyc_1Contrary to some published reports, Marley hadn’t known “Saints” director Troy Duffy since childhood. They met about 12 years ago.

“A buddy of mine introduced me to Troy and then they came to see me at The Laugh Factory (in Los Angeles) and he said ‘come audition,'” Marley said. “When that movie came out it was like nothing happened, and we were like ‘oh I guess nothing’s going to happen.'”

But something did happen. Suddenly, larger crowds were coming out to his shows, and they started firing lines from the movie up on stage.

“Then I realized it was taking off,” he said.

The original film helped lift the careers of the actors and comedians like Marley and guys like Brian Mahoney, and David Ferry. Marley said it was vital to bring this trio of cops back — as well as so many other actors, right down to the more obscure Tom Barnett, who plays the Irish gun dealer in both films.

So why did it take 10 years to make another “Boondock Saints?” In that case, the published reports are true. Duffy had problems with Franchise Films — and there was money involved. It was one big mess.

We do know that Marley’s character, the Boston Police Detective, will have a larger role in the sequel. He even tries to get with the gorgeous FBI Agent Eunice Bloom (Julie Benz).

Over the past decade, rumors flew around about a sequel, including one that would be set in New York. Marley was glad, however, that the film came home.

“I’m glad its in Boston and I’m glad it takes place in New England,” he said.

Although, despite the tax credits and “Hollywood East” mantra, the film was shot in Canada.

Marley said it was also fun to have a bunch of jackasses like comedians on set.

“Everybody on the film’s got a great sense fo humor, so it’s hard not to just sit there and laugh,” he said. “Judd Nelson is in this movie, and his part is menacing and yet hilarious at the same time. He’s really, really funny in the movie. There’s a bunch of clowns.”

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    As I stunbled outside and walked across the dooryahd to get the paper I was wonderin where in the hell is this movie playin in Maine on the Oct 30. I’m in midstate and I hope I don’t have to drive the whole way to goddamm Portland.


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