Innovation. It’s a great thing. At least Namco Bandai thinks so. The studio behind “Tales of Graces” for the Nintendo Wii added a new feature allowing gamers to download a mini-game to their DS.

According to IGN, who broke the story, the mini-game is titled Kamenin Merchant, and has players team up in groups of four to explore randomly generated dungeons. Additionally any item you earn in the mini-game can be transferred back into Graces to unlock goodies. And on top of that, the further you progress in Graces, the more levels you’ll earn for the mini-game.

The mini-game will work with both the DS and the DSi and you’ll be able to save your progress by transferring back to Graces, and saving there.

Additionally, Namco Bandai is planning to release Kamenin Merchant by itself through DSiWare, though details are currently vague.

Tales of Graces is due out in Japan in December, with no current North American release frame, but, enjoy these screens of the mini-game and a new character, Prince Richard.

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