The FIFA series is one of the most popular, profitable, and recognized franchises in the entire world. We in the United States love to hate soccer. But most everywhere else in the world, the sport is adored, and in turn the video game as well.

Today, Electronic Arts released FIFA ’10 for iPhone and iPod Touch, vastly furthering the reach of the footy game to the millions of Apple portable devices out there.

FIFA ’10 for the iPhone/iPod Touch sounds like a very promising version, as it features 12,650 players, 570 teams and 30 leagues and is controlled through what EA calls a “simple and innovative two button control system that offers a free flowingsoccer experience.”

Additionally, the game features multiplayer in the form of Wi-Fi, guaranteeing you and your friends a match any time of day or night.

Download FIFA ’10 in the App Store or on iTunes today for $9.99 , and look for the console version October 20.

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