Social media is just plain inescapable. In the spirit of this new uber connected world, YouTube’s LoveTheCool Show is hosting Fashion TweetUP Thursday evening at Boston’s Felt club.

The evening’s entertainment featured rapper J the S (short for Jake the Snake), ambient hip hop dancers Swagga Inc, dj FAROFF from Bootie Boston and rapper Spohkes performing his Twitter song, “Follow Me.” All the while, a Twitter stream following the hash and tag #LoveTheCool was projected on the walls. There were also free Perfect Vodka drinks for the first hour.

What does all this mean? Besides one bumpin’ party, it means if you missed out, you can live vicariously through social media.

First off, you can check out the night’s entertainment via LoveTheCool show. It’s hostess and creator, @MichelleMMM, has posted some clips of interviews and performances from J the S, Swagga Inc and Spohkes.

And since this is Fashion TweetUP, here are a few choice tweets that graced the walls of Felt last night:

karen8red: #LoveTheCool Awesome time, place… Felt and LoveTheCool makin it happen
JohnnyGetIt: Good n’ Strong Vodka Crans @ #lovethecool
rawrmeans143: @alwillis says to get over to #lovethecool before the free vodka train leaves the sexy station #thirstythursday
rawrmeans143: OH: Don’t hide the boobs! #lovethecool
karen8red: Swagga Inc performing at #LovetheCool I would love to dance like that.
alicehu: Where is @michellemmm my friends and I want to meet you! We’re sitting in one of the booths! #lovethecool
karen8red: #LoveTheCool Is @Pdiddy in the house? He was invited.
rawrmeans143: #lovethecool Best tweetup swag ever!

And a few #FashTweetUP tweets with party pictures:
rotusa: At Fashion TweetUP Boston hosted by @MichelleMMM @Spohkes performing #FashTweetUP
JoselinMane: At Fashion TweetUP Boston hosted by @MichelleMMM @Spohkes performing #FashTweetUP

Minus the dancing, drinks and actual social interaction, it’s just like being there! Isn’t social media great?

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