Alongside that gargantuan PlayStation Network update we told you about this‚  morning, came PSP Minis.


These little guys are all priced at below $10, and are meant to be like a one night stand; quick and special for the time being, but not much more.

All kidding aside, there are 7 of them available today, two of which are Tetris and Soduku, and we know those are fun!

All the Minis run on both the PlayStation Portable and the PSPgo, which launched today.

Here’s all 7 Minis. Anyone snag any of them yet?

  • Alien Havoc ($4.99)
  • Tetris ($9.99)
  • Hero of Sparta ($6.99)
  • Brainpipe ($4.99)
  • Fieldrunners ($6.99)
  • Sudoku ($4.99)
  • Funky Punch ($4.99)

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