Electronic Arts today announced that the online casual game hotspot Pogo.com has turned 10 and brought along some serious and gargantuan statistics as birthday presents.

Today, Pogo ranks among the highest trafficking sites on the entire web, and according to EA, has seen its users gobble up 6 billion hours and 8 billion game sessions on its servers.


The site, born in 1999, when Spongebob made his debut on Nickelodeon, has since progressed the gaming world by adding a host of features we now take for granted. The first chat during game sessions showed up on Pogo in 2000, followed by paid subscriptions in 2003 with Club Pogo, Avatars, or Pogo Minis, in 2005, and micro-transactions in 2006 in the form of Pogo Gems. Additionally, Pogo launched in France and Germany in 2008 and a newly rehashed Pogo.com is due out October of this year.

The site has over 100 free games to play spanning nearly every genre, and on top of playing and having a good time, fun had on the site morphed into something more for thousands of users. Over 2,600 Pogo users have met face-to-face and 250 of them have since married a fellow Pogo gamer!

“Having been there since day one, it is amazing to reflect on the past ten years of Pogo.com” said Mike Riccio, VP and Chief Technology Officer of Pogo.com, Mobile and Social Games.‚  “The site was an early participant and innovator and has significantly contributed to the growth and popularity of online casual gaming.”

Why not celebrate? Who knows, you might just meet your future spouse!


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