Mounts are coming to the free-to-play MMO Wizard 101, KingsIsle today announced, giving frequenters of the digital space and would-be wizards reason to trek to the digital expanses of the game.

The new content, due out this month, includes horses, dragons, flying brooms and cats as ridable mounts that, as you know, increase a player’s rate of travel through the environment.

With the new update, players can rent or purchase a mount. Those choosing to rent can do so for one to seven days. The latter affords the player a 40% boost in a speed, while the one-day rental only affords a 20% jolt. And if you decide to make the jump to your first mount-purchase, you’ll get to keep the mount forever and always and earn a 40% boost in speed for the entirety.

Anyone who’s ever played an MMO knows and appreciates the value of a high-level mount, so, depending on the purchase price of the mount, which was not disclosed, it may be very worth it to invest.

More details on mounts, pricing, and the lot are forthcoming. Stick with us.

For now enjoy these screens of mounts in action! Click to make super huge awesome big.

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  1. wolf skullheart

    i was wondering how much these mounts will cost and what lvl you have to be to get them

    • bob

      you have to be on lvl 999999999999999999999999999. You are a piece of fucking dam shit. Fuck off


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