IGG is developing a new fantasy MMORPG called Altis Gates. The game is being toted as a groundbreaking is it’s diversification. It allows players to shape shift whenever they feel the need to. The game allows players to have interactive pets which fight by their side while also have a responsive personality (it sounds like owning a real pet!). The more time spent training the pet, the more responsive it will be. IGG’s developers are currently working on ten types of quests to keep players busy and will include numerous intensive challenges which allow players to receive ample rewards. Using DirectX technology and advanced 3D particle effects to design intense combat spell graphics, Altis Gates is sure to be a fantastic new addition to MMOPRPGs. . Watch their website for the latest information about the game and an upcoming Alpha Test. Below are some tentative posters for the game. check them out and comment below.

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