The day has finally come MMO fans. Today, BioWare initiated a closed beta sign-up for the hordes of Star Wars fans to apply for in hopes of getting into the game pre-release.

What you have to do is head over to the sign-up page, drop your name and information, and pray to Palpatine that you’re chosen. BioWare are looking for “active community members” for the closed beta, so don’t think you can simply sign-up and walk away.

Sadly, even if you think you’ve got what it takes to test out the 100% voice-acted MMORPG, you cannot right now. The site, due to a massive influx of traffic, has gone down. But when it returns we’ll let you know. Or simply keep hitting refresh. I know I am.

The Old Republic Closed Beta

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  1. Cruzer

    FINALLY….cant wait for the release…..!!!…i hope this is the one MMO which finally gives WOW a run for its money……


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