Sometimes work can be a drag. Sitting at a desk all day performing braindrill monotony can be quite tasking on one’s psyche, but there is a solution.

A website, CantYouSeeI’ feels your pain and understands that “we all want to relax every now and then, but still want to appear professional or busy!” and so created a series of mini-games bearing resemblances to actual work.

Your boss and colleagues will think you’re actually working; your eyes will be glued to the screen and you’ll be sitting up straight, but all in the name of gaming and no one but you will know!

However, if your boss saunters over to your desk for a personal chat, a quick tap of the Spacebar will return your desktop to its normative operation. No worries.

This site is brilliant. We can say that with full honesty. I just wonder; where have you been my entire life?

Head over to CantYouSeeImBusy to get started with the rest of your life.

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