“Jon and Kate Plus Eight” will be back for another season.

Yup, you read my oh-so clever use of a strikethrough right. Jon the bachelor will not be returning (maybe that should be “Bachelor,” would anyone watch that?). Now, if you’re looking for something nauseating to watch, you’ll have to tune into TLC’s “Kate Plus Eight.”

According to EW.com, Jon opted out of a show called “The Divorced Dads Club.” Sounds surprisingly like a smart move, especially considering one of his co-stars would have been Michael Lohan. He will, of course, have some appearances on “Kate Plus Eight,” as he’ll probably have to pick the kids up or something. Awkward.

As for Kate, you’d think she’s been embarrassed enough to move out of the public eye. Apparently, she wants her struggles to adjust to divorced parenting broadcast to millions.

“Kate Plus Eight” starts Nov. 2.

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