Lionhead, makers of all things Fable, today unleashed episode one in the Fable II episode series on Xbox Live, and it’s free.

The role-playing-game, released last October, will be spliced into 5 segments, the first of which debuted today on Xbox Live in the Games on Demand section costing you not a pretty penny. You can download it here.

The first episode in the “Fable II: Game Episodes” series introduces you to the world of Albion and its breadth of choice and consequence. The description says “players are introduced to the vibrant world of Albion where every choice has a consequence, and are able to experience childhood and the trials of being a young adult.” So I wouldn’t expect more than an hour of game-play out of this episode, if my memory serves me correctly.

All achievements, as well as game add-ons “Knothole Island” and “See The Future” are compatible with the Episodes and should you decide to buy the physical disc mid-series, your save file will thankfully transfer over.

Episodes 2-5 are available for purchase in-game after the completion of Episode 1, so you can’t simply start at Episode 3, that’d make no sense!

Fable II is now the first major Xbox 360 title to not only be available in full digital fashion but also episodically.

That digital revolution? I think it’s here.

Fable II: Game Episodes

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