We’ve been following Beaterator for a while now, so I’m pleased to announce that it has finally hit the shelves! It’s not so much a game as it is a music mixer, but that shouldn’t discourage you from checking it out. It is a collaboration between Timbaland and RockStar Games which allows players to make their own beats, regardless of age or skill level.

Once you buy the game be sure to check out‚  the Social Club RockStar Games has set up for users. Users can go on the website and share their music and also check out the song battles and contests RockStar Games will release for Beaterator.

Beaterator is available at any major gaming outlet and also for digital download on the PlayStation Network. Fans of the iPod Touch and iPhone can also look forward to the Apple Store release sometime later in the fall. Comment below with your thoughts on the game!

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