Dream Catcher Interactive, publisher of Yoga For Wii, the latest digital endeavor playing on our fears of becoming out of shape, lazy couch dwellers, released a slew of new screens and information on the project today.

The game, designed to simulate the full Yoga experience, and built for any age, skill, or gender to enjoy, releases this November and features super(hot)model Anja Rubik on its cover.

The game makes use of the Wii Balance Board for its users to complete increasingly difficult exercises dictated by Anja, and a digital trainer. I would do anything Anja told me.

Yoga For Wii promises an awakening of the mind, body and spirit through a wide variety of asana (Yoga postures).

In all seriousness, in an effort to relieve stress over the summer, I joined a Yoga class, and not only did I feel great after each session, I was surrounded by beautiful women. I win? I think so.

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