Nintendo added 5 new digital titles to their download hot-spots today ranging from an updated version of Araknoid to the grid-based strategy game “Dragon Quest Wars.”


Art Academy: Second Semester (800 DSi Points, 1 player)– is the sequel to the original, however this time around it brings a larger set of tools and more in-depth lessons for you aspiring artists.

Dragon Quest Wars (500 DSi Points, 1-4 players)- this Square Enix developed grid-based strategy game features loads of Dragon Quest monsters you’ve grown to know and love as well as DSi Wireless and Wi-Fi play to put your skills to the test.


Araknoid Plus (1-2 players, 600 Wii Points)- a sequel to the blockbuster arcade original, Plus features a plethora of new modes and settings including the “Arcade,” “VS,” and “Time Modes,” all of which will undoubtedly add to the replay value of the title.

DRiift Mania (1-8 players, 800 Wii Points)- a unique top-down racing title that amazingly, allows for up to 8 players to take part in the driving mayhem. The press release was extremely vague. But when we learn more, we’ll pass the information along.

Virtual Console

Altered Beast (1,000 Wii Points, 1-2 players)- The priciest addition of the week, this is the same beat ’em up sidecscrolling adventure game you remember from those long lost SEGA Genesis days in which you control a centurion tasked with rescuing Zeu’s daughter Athena. You remember, right?

Remember, if you recently purchased a DSi, you have until October 5 at midnight to log onto the DSi Store and claim your 1,000 free DSi Points.

Look for our review of Dragon Quest Wars soon. It’ll show up. We promise.

Nintendo, you’ve done it again, following through on your promise of variance in offerings, but I’m still waiting for Super Smash Bros. Pretty please?

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