Capcom today announced Super Street Fighter IV, a new standalone piece of software that brings 8 new characters and lots of functionality tweaks based on community feedback to street fighting game.

According to gaming blog Kotaku Yoshinori Ono, producer on the project said that “every character has been changed slightly based on comments from both players and the dev team, while an improved online experience is also promised.”

The 8 new characters? We know three of them are nostalgic fellows. T. Hawk and Dee Jay and then a newbie, Juri. And as for the other 5; Capcom didn’t say. Could be me, could be you? Could be me and you. Who knows.

Why not just pack the updates into DLC? Ono said “the changes are so extensive that they couldn’t just be tacked on, so a disc release was necessary.”

Don’t worry though, the game will not be sold at full-price, and in an uber-secret move, Capcom is promising a unspecified treat for those owning Super Street Fighter IV and regular ole’ Street Fighter IV. Ooh what could it be?

via Kotaku

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