It’s Christmas in September here in Boston as the “A Christmas Carol” train, a promotional event for the film coming out on November 6, rolls into South Station. Boston is the 31st city on the train’s 40-city journey across the US. Blast got to walk through six train cars filled with interactive games, contests, period costumes and carol singers that will entertain children and adults alike.

There’s been no lack of coverage of Charles Dickens’ beloved book, “A Christmas Carol.” The film industry has been making interpretations of the classic holiday story since 1938. But Director Robert Zemeckis claims to bring something new to the tale this Christmas by using motion-capture.

“It’s not the Christmas carol you’ve seen in the past,” said Bob Gault, Vice President of Disney Special Events. “It gives Zemeckis the chance to literally take Charles Dickens’ words right out of the book and put them on film.”

Visitors of the train will get a chance to look into the world of motion capture, which records the actors’ movements and translates them to a digital model. Each car contains a different preview of the film, as well as explanations to how the film was created.

Watch below as Blast and Bob Gault take you on a tour of the train.

After touring the train, visitors are able to watch an exclusive clip of the film as well behind-the-scenes interviews with the director and the actors.

Many children are attending the event, but there are also adults in attendance who are excited to see the preview.

“It was awesome!” said a parent . “It was great. Yes, I can’t wait to see it.” When comparing it to previous “Christmas Carol” films, she said “Oh, I think this will be the best because nobody’s ever seen it like this.”

“It’s just fabulous,” said visitor Ryan Potter about the preview. “I’ve seen probably every ‘Carol’ that’s come out. I’m a 12-year old in a 50-year old body.”

But not all “Christmas Carol” fans are sure Zemeckis’ version will be the best.

“I don’t know,” said visitor Fred Fournier, when asked if he thought the film would trump other “Christmas Carol” attempts. “That’s hard to say. I think I would go see it.”

The train will be in Boston through Sunday at 2pm. Attendance of the event is free.

Watch below for a slideshow of the event and a trailer for the film.

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