Xbox 360 Rock Band 2 gamers were treated a a glorious title update today, but what exactly is new? Let us explain.

Harmonix unleashed this behemoth of a title update earlier today for Xbox 360 and with it came a host of new features including wireless microphone support, improved hammer-ons and pull-offs, background downloading for music store purchases, and the greatly hyped Audition Mode, a tool that allows Rock Band Network users the ability to rock out to their created tunes.

You had me at background downloading Harmonix, thank you, finally!

But if you own a PS3 or Wii and want the goods? Good news for the former, bad for the latter.

A PS3 update is only the way but currently stalled at the certification process, while a Wii rehash is nowhere, at all, to be found.

via Joystiq

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